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Little Bits – TED Talk

As an educator with a background in mostly humanities, science always presented a challenge. Linking science literacy with the new focus on STEM and now STEAM initiatives felt like such a daunting task. How can educators find ways to engage their students, specifically those not naturally inclined in the sciences? How do you reach those who have been told they’re just not good at it? Or that maybe they’re skills are in something less technical, less “sciencey”. LittleBIts presented to me a new world of opportunities within the classroom and outside the classroom. Here, students are given the building blocks necessary to create something using science without necessarily realizing they’re using science. Through the use of LittleBits, students can explore, can create, can learn in new ways. The focus moves beyond knowing the facts of how a circuit works and transcends to a space of imagination where the classroom becomes a mini rave, or a piece of paper becomes a windmill. For students who struggle with grasping some of the concepts due to ELL or special education needs, LittleBIts can help create a space in which they can explore, learn, apply and express their knowledge in ways not bound by traditional methods of assessment, ways that aren’t hindered by language or learning barriers. Integration of LittleBits is just one way of empowering students to gain mastery of science and technology literacy in the 21st Century.


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