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Cukuoo for Edible Clocks

CuckooDays after Thanksgiving 2015, Zoe and I came to the Lincoln Children’s Museum to present our first collaborative workshop—and to learn more about the population the museum serves. The museum has been undergoing extensive renovations, including the introduction of a multi-story functional build-it-yourself cuckoo clock. This led us to develop a lesson that was designed to complement the day’s focus on clocks and building—and being just plain fun. We invited participants to build their own clock faces, out of food. Supplying graham crackers, frosting, fruit, and candy, the children designed their own clock faces that displayed their favorite times of the day. This lesson engaged participants in practice with directional vocabulary, color lexemes, and process-orientated thinking, while supporting the Nebraska Early Learning Guidelines. The workshop was so much fun and we look forward to future opportunities to work with the museum and with the Lincoln community.