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YouTube Debut!

Canvas LogoWhile I admit it might not seem as though this post aligns with the others, I feel that it is important to share useful technologies. I was asked a couple of week’s ago to talk about an app I really like using for teaching. This past semester, I joined a university wide pilot for the Canvas LMS. There are a million little things I love about this platform, one of the best is that it is fully mobile. Before using this system, I was frustrated by the grading features of other LMS’s and found myself more tied to my desktop than I wanted to be.

In this video, you hear me discuss Canvas with Dr. Guy Trainin as part of his Tech Edge, Mobile Learning in the Classroom. I highly recommend his video series as he discusses useful apps for teachers.

The video gives a small taste of all the features I love about Canvas, but I did have some students who resisted the change at first. Several expressed their dislike of having to learn yet another program. But, as the semester progressed, many of those same students found themselves liking the features and enjoying the platform. The big take away here is to try things in your classroom, and give students a chance to adjust – because just like many of us, they don’t always like change.

PandaHere’s a Short List of Canvas Features I love:

  1. SpeedGrader – this makes grading so much easier when I’m on the go.
  2. Calendar – I can easily change due dates/details and the information cascades through the other ares of Canvas.
  3. Notifications – while these are arguably less useful for the teacher because it can get overwhelming, the students enjoy the feature.

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