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Summer Reading!

Isummer reading‘m going to focus on the literacy part of science literacy for a moment because reading is vital to continued learning. As you’ll see in the the video below, it’s imperative that students continue their reading over the summer to ensure they maintain their skills. In the video, Dr. Guy Trainin and I discuss several reading apps for all ages of students that include both free material, “on loan” material, and paid material. This allows the tools to fit every budget, and every reading level.

The great thing about mobile apps is that they are mobile. Students can read on the go without having to take heavy books with them. Also, many of the mobile apps allow for “offline” reading so that even when there is no internet connection, students can read the books they’ve downloaded onto the device.

Need some ideas on what books to have your children read? I would suggest you look at the local library. Libraries typically have summer reading lists and/or programs broken down by grade or age to help guide your reading choices. For teachers, there are many online resources to help you cultivate a reading list for your students.



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